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Hey everybody!

So, the Element X comic is in the works this week, but has been delayed due to my own health issues. You see, my doctor put me on some antibiotics and I've been facing some serious side effects from them (high fever and intense migraines) which has caused me to have to call off of work, which was the LAST thing I wanted to do.

Luckily they were nice enough to understand and give me a day off. However, because of all the crazy long hours of work and classes starting up, the webcomic has been pushed back a few times from me being way too fatigued to work on it. I want to get the next page out before the end of next week, and to be honest I have enough done on it already to do so, however, I refuse to kill myself for it. ^^; I'm sorry about those who are waiting to see more and have been waiting for it for the past three weeks. It will be posted soon. I just need to find time to recover from these killer meds. I apparently have to  keep taking them for the whole week and with these side effects, it'll be hard to work on everything at once.

I hope you guys understand. :( it's okay if you don't. I don't blame ya.

~Dymin Out!
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September 3, 2016


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